For Our Clients…

Why should you engage Connect3i?

Connect3i offers a trusted, value for money, and values-based service to you, our client. We achieve the best outcome through effective collaboration and building strong relationships.

Nothing fancy. But we are fancy in how we:

  • leverage AI technology to build talent pipelines
  • leverage digital sourcing channels
  • maintain the highest candidate engagement experience
  • create effective employment brands for our clients
  • employ C3i experts with experience in not only talent acquisition, but human resource management and project management as well. 

This ensures you secure good talent fast. This is just core business for Connect3i. 

To get in contact with the team please email:

Our Talent Pool

Our existing talent pool of pre-screened candidates includes:

  • Engineering
  • Program and Project Management
  • Logistics (includes Integrated Logistics Support)
  • Commercial and Procurement
  • ICT Security (including Cyber)
  • Digital and IT specialisations
  • Business Support: Human Resources, Finance, Legal, & IT Support.

Our Approach

How we approach talent acquisition today and into the future is what makes Connect3i different.


1. Source

We source people using multiple digital and social media channels driven by world class AI technology.


2. Activate

We activate a very large network efficiently.


3. Align

We specialise in the point of engagement and candidate experience. We look between the lines on a CV and focus on great technical expertise, and more importantly, the motivations, values and goals and how they align with you.


4. Build

We are brand ambassadors and build active talent pools for our clients.


5. Evolve

We use data and market analysis to inform best practice, and we evolve through continuous improvement and learning.

Our Services

Connect3i offers a full range of services, including:

Talent Acquisition
  • One off placement for permanent or contract positions.
  • Executive search and placement.
  • Bulk recruitment to support business growth or project-based recruitment.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (on-site or virtual on any scale).
  • Ad hoc labour to support short term business demand.
Human Resources Management Advisory
  • Build internal enterprise workforce plans.
  • Design future workforces.
  • Provide workforce solutions to support fast business growth.
  • Prepare strategies to meet specific government tender requirements (eg AUSDEFCON).
Project Management
  • Deliver business enablers through project managing your new systems (eg E-recruitment system).
  • Assist in changing your organisational structure.
  • Strategy implementation.
  • Support internal capability builds.
  • Optimise your human resources and recruitment functions.
Change ManagEment
  • Support CQ and change through people.
  • Develop a range of support services for change and retention. 
Workforce Planning
  • Develop your workforce plan to enable sustainable growth.
  • Optimise your organisational structure.
  • Diversity and indigenous recruitment strategy development.

Getting Ahead Of Your Competitors

Most organisations continue to play the same game when it comes to hiring, competing for a very small talent pool in high demand in the same location.

Just remember, everything you are doing to source the right talent, your competitor is doing the same and more. 

At Connect3i we see this everyday across all sectors we support. Connect3i can help you to get ahead of your competitors so you secure the talent first and win the business. This is what we are good at.