About Connect3i

Connect3i is a boutique talent acquisition and human resources partner designed for clients that are looking for something new. We are not just a job placement firm, and whilst our head office is based in Canberra, we specialise in connecting people for business critical positions all over Australia.

Connect3i is a value-based company and a veteran owned business  headquartered in Canberra. 

We do not just place someone in an organisation. We believe our ongoing role is to support our talented people as they grow personally, and as they continue to contribute significantly to an organisation.

We offer a trusted partnership not just a one off placement.

Our focus is identifying that “authentic” person that business can rely on to deliver great service, be trusted to do the right thing every time, and become a truly valued member of a team.

It’s how we do this, and our value-for-money fee structure that offers our point of difference to business. We don’t follow a traditional, antiquated recruitment process that is not value for money or quality assured

At Connect3i we take great pride in helping ex Defence and transitioning Defence personnel into the right commercial or public service positions. We have a lot experience in effectively translating Defence experience into commercial value.

Underpinning our model is simplicity and value for money. We recognise that time is money for many businesses who need talented authentic people fast. Our service is simple, efficient, timely and quality assured.

Our business values are integrity, innovation and inspiration. We live these every day.

To get in contact with the team please email:

James Hall

About the Founder and Director

James Hall, CAHRI and MRCSA, commenced his career as an Officer in the Australian Army before moving into a variety of human resource consulting and talent acquisition roles within large commercial organisations.

With over 15 years experience working in a variety of senior corporate positions, James is passionate about connecting talented, driven and authentic people that achieves professional ambitions and personal growth.

James is a certified professional of The Human Resources Institute (CAHRI) and a professional member of the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia and New Zealand. This forms part of Connect3i’s commitment to industry best practice and quality.

Karinya House

For more than 2 decades, mothers and mothers-to-be in Canberra and the surrounding region have been turning to Karinya House for support during times of crisis – including safe housing, counselling, health, legal, welfare, financial and other many other services. Karinya House is a community based local organisation, who believe every woman and child deserves shelter, stability and support.

Our partnership

“Karinya House is very pleased and proud to warmly welcome our new Corporate Partner, Connect3i. James Hall is no stranger to Karinya House, and we were so pleased to have this partnership.”

The Karinya House values perfectly align with Connect3i’s, with both about changing lives and not just providing a quick fix. Connect3i is proud to partner with this value-based company and veteran owned business headquartered in our Canberra community and to help them make a significant difference in these women’s lives.