Connect3i Consulting

Changing the way government procures capability and services from an external workforce

Connect3i offers expertise and capability to change the way government designs, engages and utilises an external contracting or consulting workforce to achieve measurable outcomes and increase value for money.

Our service involves working with you to understand your needs, designing and recommending an appropriate contractor engagement model and managing the changes necessary to your business operations and decision making frameworks that delivers the results when needed.

We offer:

  • Advisory and design in outcomes-based contracting
  • Training and education: For industry and government on the what, why, and how of outcomes-based contracting. 
  • Change management: Both cultural and process change.
  • Workforce design: Helping to design the work that government must do as core business and what is best outsourced to industry through integrated workforce planning and implementation.
  • Commercial model design: Driving better value for money for both government and industry through collaborative partnerships and shared risk. 
  • Contractor optimisation: Developing a contractor engagement strategy that improves value for money, drives increases in public service recruitment and ensures the right capability is procured from industry. 
  • Using Co-Design: Defining requirements and statement of work design and development. 

To get in contact with the team please email:

Whether you are a government agency, industry supplier or professional services provider that needs to transition to outcomes-based contacting, looking to unlock increased value for money or set up collaborative partnerships, Connect3i can provide the support you need.

Our Key Consultants

James Hall

Founder and Director

Deborah Hein

Principal Consultant

Outcomes Capability Brochure

CASG Case Study

Connect3i has been engaged by a large federal government agency to develop the pathway to transition a large, contracted workforce typically engaged on day rates to outcomes-based contracts. The change is developing a more efficient and effective way for government and industry to work together to achieve outcomes and create measurable increases in value for money for both stakeholders. Our role includes designing and implementing an outcomes-based framework, designing an integrated workforce, training, education and change management.

Government and the professional services industry benefit immensely from strong partnerships and collaboration built on trust. Our holistic solution provides a pathway that addresses workforce risks, unsustainable cost of labour and delivers measurable financial value for the tax payer.